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Crossovering 2015

Hi! Thanks for writing for me. As you may gather if you go poking around the (many, many) other letters in this journal, I'm a big fan of crossovers, so I'm very happy this fest exists.

The canons I've picked are on here because I like the worldbuilding, the characters, or both, and I'm interested to see how they fit together. More general likes include humor, dialogue (particularly banter), fleshing out parts of the universe(s) we don't get to see much of in canon, and giving minor characters a chance to shine. I'm happy with either crossovers or fusions, though if you're doing the former, I'd like there to be more to the plot than "Character A randomly winds up in Universe B; spends rest of story trying to get home." (Granted, that'll probably have to be a key part of the plot if you're doing Quantum Leap, but Sam still usually manages to accomplish some other stuff along the way.) And while I haven't included any specific prompts that address this, if you want to try and mash more than two fandoms together into one mega-crossover, go for it.

In terms of shipping, sticking to gen or canon relationships is probably your best bet. But with one exception that I'll list under the appropriate fandom, I'm open to being persuaded on other pairings, as long as there's no character-bashing involved. If you're going to include sex, my kinks don't extend much past light bondage, and I'd rather have an awkward or imperfect encounter that ties into the plot or helps the character(s) realize something about themselves than something steamy that interrupts or takes over the rest of the action.

My only other "do not want" is graphic, drawn-out torture designed to push a character past their breaking point. Doesn't mean people can't die, or that I need a happy ending (though you'll probably note that most of my Song of Ice and Fire ideas involve trying to lighten that canon rather than turn the other one darker), but I'd like any suffering to not have been in vain.

The prompts below may seem specific, but please don't feel you have to use them if you've already got an idea of your own: they're as much brainstorming for me as they are suggestions for you, and the optional details truly are optional. Have fun, let your imagination go wild, and I look forward to reading!

Bracket 1: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dragon Age, Harry Potter

BtVS/Dragon Age:

Stop me if you've heard this one before: there's a town where the boundaries between the everyday world and the demon realm are unusually thin. Until one day, a newcomer arrives, assembles a ragtag gang around them, and proceeds to take on the forces of evil.

In other words, Buffy, Hawke*, and their respective friends probably have a lot to talk about, assuming you don't just send them to go clean up each other's messes. And yes, of course the Warden's party or the Inquisition would make me happy, too. (Cassandra and Leliana: best or most terrifying Watchers ever?)

*Any Hawke, any Warden, any Inquisitor. I don't care what personality you give them, just so long as they have one. (Well, okay, maybe not the always amoral type, unless you want Faith to try and teach them a few lessons.)

BtVS/Harry Potter:

I received a lovely "Giles teaches DADA and discovers a new Potential" story last year, but I will never get tired of British wizarding shenanigans. Giles as Ripper crossing paths with the Marauders could be particularly fun, or Willow actually getting to meet Dumbledore on her trip to England. I'd also adore Auror!Harry and Buffy teaming up to solve a case together, and commiserating about the whole Chosen One deal.

Dragon Age/Harry Potter:

Where do I start with this one? Hogwarts as a Circle instead of a school? An unlikely character winds up as Warden or Inquisitor? Hawke* as the fifth Marauder? Voldemort and Corypheus duke it out to decide who's the superior undead noseless overlord? Wynne and McGonagall being badass together? Dumbledore, Flemeth, and/or Solas sitting down to tea and machinations? I could keep going, but I think maybe I'd better just leave you to it.

*As noted above, whatever version of Hawke, the Warden, or the Inquisitor you want to use is fine by me.

Bracket 2: A Song of Ice and Fire, Discworld, Harry Potter


I feel like 99% of Westeros's problems could be solved by sending a Discworld character over there. Vetinari, Vimes, Carrot, the witches, Susan...hell, even the Bursar would probably be an improvement. (Maybe all Joffrey needed to be a decent human being was dried frog pills?)

Or if you'd rather have the crossover go the other way, I wouldn't mind seeing Brienne, Arya, and/or Asha join up with the Monstrous Regiment. Or Sibyl and Danaerys swapping dragon care tips. And anything Discworld has to offer Sansa has to be better than what she's in for back home*, right?

*Including any pairings involving anyone from her own canon. Sorry, shippers. I just haven't found one that works for me.

ASOIAF/Harry Potter:

Okay, the Malfoys and the Lannisters are obviously alternate universe versions of each other with opposing color schemes. The question is, would they get along, or would Narcissa wipe the floor with Cersei? Alternatively, you could turn Dumbledore's Army into the Night's Watch, or vice versa. And have I mentioned really, really wanting to save Sansa from her own canon*? If she's going to learn intrigue, Snape has to be a less creepy mentor for her than Baelish.

*As noted above, that includes any pairings with anyone from her universe. Sorry again.

Discworld/Harry Potter:

L-Space must facilitate some interesting interactions between Hogwarts and Unseen University, assuming the faculty don't prefer to correspond with Lancre. I'd also be entertained by a fusion where the City Watch are Aurors, or vice versa. And I firmly maintain that Hermione was wrong about the Deathly Hallows being a metaphor and not a literal interaction with a certain anthropomorphic personification.

Bracket 3: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Trek, Star Trek - Alternate Original Series, Quantum Leap

MCU/Star Trek and/or AOS:

Ever since William Shatner's Tweet welcoming Chris Hemsworth to Twitter, I've been a little obsessed with the idea of Kirk (either version) as Thor's son. Or if Captain America (assuming he's still calling himself that) is still around, what does he think of the future? And I know there's some kind of connection between SHIELD and Section 31; I just don't know what it is.

Or just plain old superheroes on a spaceship. That works, too.

MCU/Quantum Leap:

Sam Leaps into a superhero. Bonus points if Tony and/or Bruce figure out who he is and start geeking out over it. Or a fusion in which one of the Avengers winds up doing the Leaping. Tony seems like the obvious candidate to experiment with time travel without first confirming he can get himself home, but Steve or Natasha could be interesting.

Star Trek and/or AOS/Quantum Leap:

Obvious Jonathan Archer is actually Sam suggestion is obvious, but there are plenty of other times and people you could have him Leap into. It might be particularly interesting to see how he handles the divergent timeline that creates the Rebootverse: is Romulus being destroyed or what Nero does a wrong that must be set right, or would trying to change things cause even more problems?

Of course, I'd also be delighted with a fic that consists of nothing but Al and Voyager's EMH snarking at each other, so feel free to keep it simple.

Star Trek/AOS:

There is not nearly enough 24th century Rebootverse fic out there. I'm curious how the destruction of Vulcan impacts the future's future, and I'd love to see one of Kirk's crew mentoring the next generation (or a Niner, or someone from Voyager). Or give me a prequel - did the lead-up to the timeline splitting really happen the way either Nero or Spock Prime said it did? And just what did Scotty do to Admiral Archer's prize beagle?