Jan. 1st, 2014

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Um, so, first of all, hi. Depression + overwork = really bad combination. I've been around; just too exhausted and uninspired to say anything, let alone do any writing. But I did manage to pull myself together for Yuletide, so here's hoping 2014 will be better.

Before I post my stuff, all due praise for my gift fic, A Night Out by Syksy, which is the sweet and funny Cats of Grand Central story I have been craving lo these many Yuletides.  No real familiarity with canon required (though you might need a glossary for some of the terms), so if you've ever wanted a cat's take on Madam Butterfly or opera in general, check it out.

My main assignment was All the Mirrored Ways, a Justice League/Justice League Unlimited story starring Shayera Hol for yhlee/etothey (who also wrote some awesome Cyteen stories that deserve a look).  It relies very heavily on a lot of moments of canon divergence, so not the most newbie-friendly story, but I loved having an excuse to write in the fandom and the conceit seems to have gone over well.

And then, because I was so freaking excited to be engaging in creative activity again, I started on the treats.  (Recipients whose other stories I haven't commented on, please don't think I don't love you; I'm just not familiar with your fandoms).

Won't Be Long Now for littledust, which by happy coincidence functions both as a post-canon stand-alone and as a sequel for my other In the Heights Yuletide fic.  I loved the prompt (Vanessa helps Nina in her foray into politics), and I love these characters, and I really wish I'd had more time for this one.  Maybe I'll finish the trilogy as a New Year's Resolution.

What We May Be for ironed_orchid, a.k.a. the other other other other Galaxy Quest fic.  Not that I'm really complaining, since it's more about character dynamics than the fandom meta-commentary that makes the source material so great, and I think it got a boost from all the other recs.  And writing dialogue for Alan Rickman characters is just fun.

This Be the Verse for hollimichele (who wrote the Galaxy Quest fic that got recced all over the place - and deservedly so - along with a Young Wizards story I really enjoyed).  Another one I wish I'd had more time to play with, since I loved the idea of Matilda meeting her brother again and then never actually got around to the meeting, but I figured I could at least give her the next best person to talk to.  And of course, since it's the story I scrambled to finish up just as Madness was closing, it's now the most popular thing I've ever written in terms of kudos and comments.  (Again, not that I'm complaining.)

So, how has everyone been?

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