Jun. 8th, 2014

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Dear Crossover Writer,

I'm excited! Are you excited? I hope so, because I have ideas. Lots of them. Please don't be intimidated or disappointed if you already have your own plot bunny hutch; they're here as much as stockpiling for me as they are as inspiration for you.

Some general notes to start: I'm open to either standard crossovers or fusions, and I've tried to provide a mix of both in the prompts below. The one thing I don't want is a fic entirely built around "Who are you weirdos, and where the heck am I?" There can be a bit of that if the canon supports it (e.g. Doctor Who), but at some point, I'd like a plot that goes beyond trying to get everyone home. I'd also like at least a somewhat hopeful or bittersweet ending, though I'm certainly not afraid of character death, or I wouldn't have included the ultimate "rocks fall, everybody dies" series and multiple Whedon properties.

If I've picked a fandom for inclusion here, it's because I find the canon and setting intriguing, and I am genuinely happy to see it explored from the perspective of almost any character. Similarly, unless a character is deliberately written with no redeeming qualities whatsoever (see fandom-specific notes), please don't bash him or her. When it comes to shipping, it's probably best to either keep things gen or stick to canon pairings, unless otherwise noted.

Okay! On to notes for selected fandoms and prompts, which I've tried to keep light on spoilers. I'm looking forward to seeing what you write!

Bracket #1 Prompts (A Song of Ice and Fire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Discworld, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited) )

Bracket #2 Prompts (Buffy, Firefly, Deep Space Nine, Orphan Black, Reboot!Trek) )

Bracket #3 Prompts (Buffy, Discworld, Doctor Who, Friendship is Magic, Sailor Moon) )

Fandom-Specific Notes )

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