Apr. 15th, 2015

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Hi! Thanks for writing for me. Feel free to poke around my journal; there are plenty of other letters here to choose from to give you an idea of my likes and dislikes.

As you may have gathered from my song selections, I tend to be drawn to plot and characters over more impressionistic material. I also like dialogue, using humor to lighten the mood, little worldbuilding details, and protagonists who have to make difficult choices. I'm particularly fond of sci-fi and fantasy scenarios, though that's very much an "optional details are optional." I also like crossovers, so if you want to mash up my requests and send the couple from "The Way" to the Hotel California or something like that, go for it. Or not. Entirely your call.

In terms of romance, I will never have a problem with a gen story, and I tend to prefer het or femslash over slash or poly arrangements. If you're going to include any sex scenes, I'd like them to be part of a larger narrative rather than the entire point of the story, and I'll take awkward or imperfect encounters over something that's hot but could feature any two characters banging as opposed to these particular characters any day. I'd also like to keep things between consenting adults, or at least keep any graphic details offscreen and preferably relegated to backstory.

My one firm do not want is graphic description of torture, especially if that torture comprises the bulk of the story. That doesn't mean bad things can't happen, or that there has to be a happy ending, but I'd like there to be a purpose to any suffering the characters go through beyond simply seeing what more you can put them through.

Okay, on to the prompts. Please don't take length as an indication of my relative enthusiasm for these songs: if it's on here, I promise I'm excited to see what you come up with. Have fun, and I look forward to reading!

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