Jan. 7th, 2016

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Hi! Thanks for writing for me (and sorry for the wait on the letter). I've loved Trick or Treat, and hopefully this will be just as fun.

Things I like in general include plot (whether elaborate or introspective), witty dialogue, humor, worldbuilding, minor characters getting a chance to shine, and situations and choices that aren't always easy or straightforward to navigate. In terms of relationship dynamics, nothing makes me happier than pairings accomplishing stuff together. I'm particularly fond of battle/investigation/training scenarios, but a quieter project or sorting through a relationship problem will do just as well in a pinch. "How we got together" stories are also great, as are opportunities to fill in missing moments or pick up where canon leaves off. And shortfic is great, so please don't feel like you have to write more than the minimum if that seems like a logical stopping point.

In terms of sex, I won't miss it if you want to keep things G-rated; if you do decide to include it, I'd prefer for it to be part of the story as opposed to the story itself. My kinks don't typically go much past light bondage, but I do like seeing magic users getting creative with their powers in terms of restraints or interesting sensations, or couples getting to swap bodies. Awkward first times are also good, whether or not they're followed up with a better second try. I'm really not a fan of noncon (if it's part of a character's canonical backstory, alluding to the fact it happened is fine), bodily fluids not typically associated with sex, or improbable biology like a/b/o or tentacles. And if you need to get a canonical love interest out of the way (which shouldn't be an issue with most of these pairings), please do so respectfully.

My one, absolute do not want is unrelenting darkfic and graphic torture of the kind that systematically breaks a character apart and leaves them broken. People can die, and stories don't have to end happily, but I'd like any suffering the characters go through to have some kind of purpose behind it beyond just watching them suffer.

Okay, on to fandoms and pairing-specific suggestions. Please don't take relative length as a sign of my enthusiasm level; if it's here, I promise I'll love it. Feel free to look through past letters for other ideas and potential crossovers with fandoms not listed here as well. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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