Mar. 19th, 2017

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Hi! Thanks for writing for me. I love the creativity this fest brings out (not to mention all the awesome new selections it adds to my playlist), and I'm looking forward to this year's line-up.

You've probably already noticed that my song preferences lean more toward narratives and character studies than mood pieces, and you'll pick up pretty quickly from the prompts that I'm fond of fantasy and sci-fi scenarios, although that's by no means a requirement. If you want to play around with crossover ideas between the songs, feel free.

Other common traits my favorite stories share (and these prompts are geared toward writers, although if you're looking to give out potential treats and see something that inspires you artistically anyway, go for it) include dialogue, humor, worldbuilding (including background characters who feel like actual people), and situations and choices that aren't always easy or straightforward to manage. The only thing I really go out of my way to avoid reading is torture porn: I don't mind unhappy endings or dark themes, but I'd rather not have the primary focus of the piece be systematically breaking down a character and leaving them broken in both body and spirit.

In terms of romance, if you don't include it or don't take things above a PG rating in songs that involve couples, I won't mind. If you do decide to get explicit, I'd much rather read about awkward encounters that drive the plot forward or reveal something about the characters than mind-blowing sex. I tend to prefer het or femslash to slash if given a choice, although I'll happily read the latter. As for do not wants, I'm not a big fan of bodily fluids not typically associated with sex, improbable biology (e.g. a/b/o, tentacles, etc.), or noncon beyond a brief allusion in a character's backstory if needed.

Okay, on to prompts. Please don't take the relative length of my ramblings as a sign of how interested I am in one song over another; if it's here, I promise that's because I really want a story about it. Good luck, and have fun!

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