Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Hi! Thanks for writing for me (and these prompts are geared toward writers, though if you're treating and see something that you'd like to portray in a different medium, go for it). I'm really excited about the theme for this exchange, and I hope you are, too.

As a general rule for this fest, I'm not looking for fluff in my familial interactions. That's not to say I want angstfests or total dysfunction, either, although certain families and scenarios are definitely further down that end of the spectrum (*cough*Lannisters*cough*). Rather, I reject Tolstoy's axiom that the world consists only of boring happy families and unhappy ones: even the best relationship has its own complexities and challenges and disagreements, and I'd like to see those explored whether they're resolved by the end of the story or not. Or if you're looking for a more positive spin, give the characters a task that will require bringing their individual strengths together to complete.

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All right! On to prompts, which are listed in alphabetical order, and include any canon-specific notes where appropriate. Please don't take the relative length of my ramblings as evidence of how much I want something; if I have less to say about a canon, that's because I'm just genuinely eager to read anything from it and/or lack the ability to put my own thoughts about it into words (which is why I need you). Have fun, and I'm looking forward to reading!

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