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Crossovering Letter

Dear Crossover Writer,

I'm excited! Are you excited? I hope so, because I have ideas. Lots of them. Please don't be intimidated or disappointed if you already have your own plot bunny hutch; they're here as much as stockpiling for me as they are as inspiration for you.

Some general notes to start: I'm open to either standard crossovers or fusions, and I've tried to provide a mix of both in the prompts below. The one thing I don't want is a fic entirely built around "Who are you weirdos, and where the heck am I?" There can be a bit of that if the canon supports it (e.g. Doctor Who), but at some point, I'd like a plot that goes beyond trying to get everyone home. I'd also like at least a somewhat hopeful or bittersweet ending, though I'm certainly not afraid of character death, or I wouldn't have included the ultimate "rocks fall, everybody dies" series and multiple Whedon properties.

If I've picked a fandom for inclusion here, it's because I find the canon and setting intriguing, and I am genuinely happy to see it explored from the perspective of almost any character. Similarly, unless a character is deliberately written with no redeeming qualities whatsoever (see fandom-specific notes), please don't bash him or her. When it comes to shipping, it's probably best to either keep things gen or stick to canon pairings, unless otherwise noted.

Okay! On to notes for selected fandoms and prompts, which I've tried to keep light on spoilers. I'm looking forward to seeing what you write!

Bracket #1 Prompts (A Song of Ice and Fire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Discworld, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited)

- The Night's Watch were once the Night's Watchers. And there were more than just men at the Wall.
- Sansa, Arya, Dany, Lyanna, Asha, and/or Brienne as Potentials.
- Cordelia Chase, Mother of Dragons.

- There was a Vimes who was a Kingslayer once. Perhaps it's time there was one again.
- Who needs dragons to fix Westeros when you've got Havelock Vetinari? Alternatively, Tyrion Lannister as the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork.
- Moist von Lipwig wasn't supposed to be an effective Master of Coin.
- The Night's Watch as the City Watch. Or vice versa.

ASOIAF/Harry Potter
- The Lannisters as the Malfoys. Or vice versa. Or as one big dysfunctional family.
- Neville Longbottom and Samwell Tarly: big damn heroes.

ASOIAF/His Dark Materials
- The threat beyond the Wall isn't Walkers. It's Specters.
- Declaring war on Heaven is a simple matter for Lord Asriel. Tywin Lannister is something else entirely.
- Marisa Coulter vs. Cersei Lannister. May the best manipulator win. (Hint: it's probably not Cersei.)

- What happens to the Last Son of Krypton when he's raised on Westeros values instead of truth, justice, and the American way?
- Night gathers, and now Bruce Wayne's watch begins. Alternatively, Bruce leaves the Kingsguard to become the Dark Knight of King's Landing.
- When Justice Lords play the game of thrones, nobody wins.

Buffy/Discworld (for additional suggestions, see Bracket #3)
- You'd think one of the Scoobies would've had a conversation with Death by now.
- Willow trains with Granny Weatherwax and/or Nanny Ogg.
- Polly's a Slayer. Maladicta's...well, Maladicta. This could be a problem.

Buffy/Harry Potter
- Willow Rosenberg, long-lost Weasley.
- The year Giles spent teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.
- Auror!Harry needs to call Buffy in as a consultant on a case, which leads to commiseration about being the Chosen One.

Buffy/His Dark Materials
- What if the Watchers were overseen by the Magisterium?
- When Buffy comes back from the dead, there's something...different about her daemon.
- Willow among the witches.
- Roger dies...and then gets turned.

- The Justice League offers Buffy admission.
- There are secrets on Themyscira of immense interest to the Watchers' Council.
- Xander Harris, Green Lantern.

Discworld/Harry Potter
- Madam Pince and the Librarian commiserate via L-Space.
- Havelock Vetinari, Slytherin. (I've written it before myself, but I don't think there's any such thing as too much fic about this.)
- Carrot Ironfoundersson, long-lost Weasley.

Discworld/His Dark Materials
- Sometimes, Susan Sto Helit thinks it would be nice to have a daemon who wasn't so obsessed with eyeballs.
- The Magisterium and the Auditors: not-so-unlikely allies. And what does a war in heaven mean for the denizens of Dunmanifestin?

- The Question shouldn't be the weirdest recruit the Watch has ever had to deal with, and yet...
- Sam Vimes, Gotham City Police Commissioner.
- Havelock Vetinari vs. Lex Luthor.

JLU/Harry Potter
- I know it's been done before, but Harry really would make a perfect Green Lantern.
- Shining Knight and/or Jason Blood were probably around for the creation of Hogwarts. But then, Morgan le Fay would have been, too...

JLU/His Dark Materials
- Cadmus and the Magisterium seem like they'd either mesh or get along really well.
- Shayera is an angel, and the betrayal she makes is a different one.
- Is it possible to maintain a secret identity when you have a daemon?

Harry Potter/His Dark Materials
- Intercision seems like it would be a really effective way to make Horcruxes. Just sayin'.
- Mary Malone encounters a different sort of witch than Serafina Pekkala in her search for understanding.
- Will visits Hogwarts/the Department of Mysteries in search of a way to reunite with Lyra.

Bracket #2 Prompts (Buffy, Firefly, Deep Space Nine, Orphan Black, Reboot!Trek)

- Nyota would rather join Starfleet than be a Slayer.
- Gaila's rescuers only thought she said she was on the run from slavers...
- Shore leave in Sunnydale may not be the wisest decision the crew of the Enterprise has ever made.

- How does the Dominion War play out in a timeline that's already lost Vulcan? Does the red matter make a reappearance? Does Section 31 wake Khan up again? And how do the Prophets feel about all this? (I have a lot of questions about the 24th century Rebootverse, okay?)
- Nero undershoots, and allies with the Founders or Dukat to get his revenge instead.

- Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise as Browncoats.
- Malcolm Reynolds, Starfleet Captain, and his loyal crew (who may or may not all still be human).
- The crew of Serenity vs. Khan or Nero.
- The crew of the Enterprise vs. the Reavers.

AOS/Orphan Black
- The Dyad Institute isn't just interested in cloning humans. It wants to build better ones.
- Clones (and friends/enemies/acquaintances of dubious allegiance) in various roles on the Enterprise.

- Do alien cultures have Slayers as well? And what threats do they guard against?
- The Prophets have an interest in Buffy and her friends.
- It's always night on a space station. Fortunately for Spike.

- No power in the 'verse can stop a Slayer. Which is why the government wanted River in the first place.
- Scoobies on a spaceship.
- The Serenity crew guards the Hellmouth.

Buffy/Orphan Black
- What happens when you clone a Potential? (With or without the Watchers' Council's approval?)
- The Scoobies try to inflitrate the Dyad Institute. May or may not be related to the above question.
- Sarah's beginning to think hiding out in Sunnydale was a bad idea.

- The Serenity is a Maquis ship.
- The U.S.S. Serenity vs. the Dominion.
- Sisko and company as Browncoats.

DS9/Orphan Black
- The Dyad Institute gets a little help from the Founders in developing their cloning technology.
- Clones and their various jobs on DS9.

Firefly/Orphan Black
- The Dyad Institute gets their hands on River.
- Clones on a (different) spaceship!

Bracket #3 Prompts (Buffy, Discworld, Doctor Who, Friendship is Magic, Sailor Moon)

Buffy/Discworld (for additional suggestions, see Bracket #1)
- Reg Shoe has some complaints to register regarding the Scoobies' patrolling.
- Giles will never forget his semester as a student/visiting lecturer at Unseen University. Unfortunately.
- Oz and Gaspode: BFFs.

Buffy/Doctor Who
- A surprising number of the Doctor's companions over the years have been Slayers. You'd be even more surprised who.
- Apocalypse: we've all been there. Especially when you're Buffy and the Doctor.

Buffy/Friendship is Magic
- [Insert pony here] the Vampire Slayer. (I'm thinking Rarity or Applejack since they have little sisters/possible Keys, but Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie would be all kinds of entertaining.)
- The musical was bad enough, but if it turns out Xander's the reason they're all ponies right now, Buffy's gonna stake him.

Buffy/Sailor Moon
- It's not the demon-fighting Buffy minds. It's the outfit.
- It's not the demon-fighting Serena/Usagi minds. Well, okay, it is. But it'd be more tolerable if it came with cuter accessories.

Discworld/Friendship is Magic
- Twilight Sparkle trains with the pony counterparts of Granny Weatherwax and/or Nanny Ogg.
- A visit to Ankh-Morpony. (Maybe so Spike can see his cousins the swamp dragons?)

Discworld/Sailor Moon
- The Sailor Scouts as the Monstrous Regiment. Or vice versa.
- Granny Weatherwax can't be having with your Negaverse nonsense.

Doctor Who/Discworld
- The Doctor and Death's grandaughters have a lot to discuss. Or maybe they just switch places.
- Time Lords and Time Monks occasionally encounter each other in the course of their respective duties. They don't always get along.
- Rincewind and Twoflower hitch a ride with the Doctor.

Doctor Who/Friendship is Magic
- ...Well, it is already canon. (Sort of.) And I do like the idea of Companion!Derpy. On the other hand, it would be fun to see the actual humanoid Doctor try and deal with a planet of adorable tiny horses.

Doctor Who/Sailor Moon
- Sailor Pluto, Time Lady.
- The Doctor's beginning to think choosing [insert Scout here] as a companion was a bad idea.

Friendship is Magic/Sailor Moon
- Pony Scouts. Ponies as Scouts, Scouts as ponies, whichever. I got nothin' else, but isn't that enough?

Fandom-Specific Notes (A Song of Ice and Fire, Buffy, Deep Space Nine, Discworld, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Justice League, Sailor Moon):

A Song of Ice and Fire: I requested the books because I'd feel odd reading about stuff that couldn't possibly have happened as of A Dance with Dragons, but if you want to incorporate incidents or changes in characterization from the show, that's fine. Jamie/Cersei is a rare exception to my usual "no incest" rule, though I've also got a soft spot for Jamie/Brienne. Not a big fan of Littlefinger, the Freys, Boltons, Cleganes, or Greyjoys who aren't Asha.

Buffy: I started watching the show in its fifth season, and consequently never developed the dislike for Dawn that a lot of people seem to feel. I was even happy to learn that she and Xander got together in the comics. If you want to incorporate that development or other canon from that particular source material, feel free. In terms of other shipping, I have a slight preference for Angel over Buffy's other exes, but not so much so that I couldn't stand to see her with anyone else - assuming, of course, that you feel the need to pair her with anyone at all.

Deep Space Nine: So I realize I didn't manage to work him directly into any of the prompts, but a Garak appearance would make my day.

Discworld: Haven't read the Tiffany Aching books and still need to catch up on Raising Steam, but don't mind being spoiled. Also, if none of my suggestions are doing anything for you and you're out of ideas, I will never, ever be disappointed by a fic that features Death.

Doctor Who: Three and Eleven are my favorite Doctors, and Amy is my favorite companion. But I'm also quite fond of Four, Six, Seven (and Ace, of course), Eight, and Nine; One and Ten are obvious choices for a couple of these scenarios; and the only reason I don't like Two and Five more is that I haven't seen as much of them.

Harry Potter: In general, I prefer Ministry- or Order-aligned characters to Death Eaters. That said, for some reason I like or at least have an easier time sympathizing with Peter than the other Marauders, and Harry is clearly a much better person than I am for being able to forgive Dumbledore his chess-playing and Snape his grudge-holding enough to name his son after them. Also, the Malfoy/Lannister parallels are just too good to resist.

His Dark Materials: I haven't had a chance to read The Book of Dust, but don't mind being spoiled; you're just going to have to provide me with some context.

Justice League: If you want to incorporate characters or elements from either Batman or Superman's series or Batman Beyond, I am totally okay with that.

Sailor Moon: I'm more familiar with the American version of the show than the Japanese one or the manga, but I'm aware enough of the differences that if you want to write the latter, that's fine. More than fine if you're using it to get rid of that "Uranus and Neptune are cousins" nonsense.