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Chocolate Box Letter

Hi! Thanks for writing for me (and sorry for the wait on the letter). I've loved Trick or Treat, and hopefully this will be just as fun.

Things I like in general include plot (whether elaborate or introspective), witty dialogue, humor, worldbuilding, minor characters getting a chance to shine, and situations and choices that aren't always easy or straightforward to navigate. In terms of relationship dynamics, nothing makes me happier than pairings accomplishing stuff together. I'm particularly fond of battle/investigation/training scenarios, but a quieter project or sorting through a relationship problem will do just as well in a pinch. "How we got together" stories are also great, as are opportunities to fill in missing moments or pick up where canon leaves off. And shortfic is great, so please don't feel like you have to write more than the minimum if that seems like a logical stopping point.

In terms of sex, I won't miss it if you want to keep things G-rated; if you do decide to include it, I'd prefer for it to be part of the story as opposed to the story itself. My kinks don't typically go much past light bondage, but I do like seeing magic users getting creative with their powers in terms of restraints or interesting sensations, or couples getting to swap bodies. Awkward first times are also good, whether or not they're followed up with a better second try. I'm really not a fan of noncon (if it's part of a character's canonical backstory, alluding to the fact it happened is fine), bodily fluids not typically associated with sex, or improbable biology like a/b/o or tentacles. And if you need to get a canonical love interest out of the way (which shouldn't be an issue with most of these pairings), please do so respectfully.

My one, absolute do not want is unrelenting darkfic and graphic torture of the kind that systematically breaks a character apart and leaves them broken. People can die, and stories don't have to end happily, but I'd like any suffering the characters go through to have some kind of purpose behind it beyond just watching them suffer.

Okay, on to fandoms and pairing-specific suggestions. Please don't take relative length as a sign of my enthusiasm level; if it's here, I promise I'll love it. Feel free to look through past letters for other ideas and potential crossovers with fandoms not listed here as well. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Dragon Age

Adventuring (particularly of the "another fine mess you've gotten us into" variety) is awesome, but I'm also always up for war table discussions or quiet heart to hearts back at camp. I tend to lean toward diplomatic or sarcastic mages and mage-supporters with my Wardens, Hawkes, and Inquisitors, but am fine with any characterization short of a total evil run.

Zevran/Warden, Zevran/Isabela

Who doesn't love Zevran? No, really, who doesn't love Zevran? He's so suave, he even makes admitting to his screw-ups seem like the ultimate persuasive seduction gambit. Isabela's tactics are a bit brasher, but similarly, I love how unapologetic she is. If you want to show their softer sides, though, I'm certainly not going to argue.

Hawke/Isabela, Isabela/Aveline

Depending on what your Hawke is like, this could either be a similar dynamic to shenanigans with Zevran, an angry Hawke trying to sort through the aftermath of the Arishok mess, or a diplomatic Hawke trying to keep Isabela out of trouble with varying levels of success. That last dynamic, of course, goes double for Isabela and Aveline - and I particularly love it when the latter manages to shock or impress the former.

Leliana/Cassandra, Leliana/Josephine

I'd love some pre-Inquisition backstory on the dynamics between these ladies, and previous missions they might have worked on together. But I'm also up for hearing what they get up to while the Inquisitor is busy, or a look at life post-Corypheus. Much like the PCs, I have no particular preference in terms of who becomes Divine from a storytelling perspective, so feel free to play with how that might affect one of these relationships as well.

Inquistor/Dorian, Inquisitor/Iron Bull, Inquisitor/Harding

The thing I love about all three of these characters is that they're constantly surprising you. Dorian is almost brutally self-aware of all the things that make him an outcast wherever he goes and yet determined to turn those into strengths, Iron Bull seems like the last individual who would thrive under a rigid social structure and yet makes a compelling case for how it's shaped him for the better, and Harding somehow goes from herding her neighbor's sheep to taking on the roughest environments Thedas has to offer. I don't care whether they're on a heretofore unchronicled adventure with the Inquisitor, or taking advantage of a temporary lull; I just want more of them. With Iron Bull, I'm willing to go a little deeper into dom/sub dynamics than my usual preferences, particularly if it serves as an opportunity to explore his relationship to the Qun (whether he's gone Tal-Vashoth or not). Also, if you're into Dorian/Iron Bull, I wouldn't object to an OT3.

DC Animated Universe

Mission/casefic, training scenarios, (failed) attempts to have a civilian night out, time travel, body swaps...when it comes to this fandom, I'm up for pretty much anything. The only thing I don't want is a love triangle scenario that makes Shayera or Mari (or John) into the villain.

Shayera/John, Mari/John

This is how you do a love triangle: no paper-thin obstacles to the OTP's inevitable hookup; just good people who all like and respect each other caught in a tough situation. Not that you have to focus on these relationships in relation to each other by any means. I'm just as interested in exploring Shayera the spy and the point at which her feelings turned real, or getting more of Mari in all her hypercompetent fabulousness.

Superman/Lois Lane

A story where Lois finally figures out Superman's identity would be amazing, but I'm also down for a narrow escape or one where he spends the entire time as Clark Kent, mild-mannered (but talented!) reporter. Or maybe Lois could get powers for a day/week, and Supes either takes full advantage of that or has surprisingly mixed feelings? And as long as it doesn't stray into "do not want" territory, I wouldn't mind seeing more of Lois and Justice Lord!Superman's relationship from "A Better World."

Batman/Wonder Woman

The defining moment of this relationship for me is the bit from "Maid of Honor" where Bruce goes into his whole "everyone I love gets hurt" shtick, and Diana's response is to grind the nearest gargoyle's head into a fine powder. Of course, Batman Beyond tells us it can't end happily, but I'd love to see if and how she ever managed to get him to let his guard down - or if overconfidence gets the better of her, and he does need to come to the rescue.


The ultimate odd couple. I particularly love the way the Question manages to defuse Huntress in "Double Date," but when it really comes down to it - like, say, stopping Luthor - he's just as willing to do what needs to be done as she is. I'd kinda love to see them take on the Joker and Harley, or some other supervillain duo, but just seeing what they do for fun could be a blast. And does he ever voluntarily take off the mask for her? (Does she let him?)

Shayera & Wally

I love the big sister/little brother dynamic these two had going in "I Am Legion," and the way Wally stands up for Shayera in "Starcrossed," and the hidden depths and compassion both have underneath the stoicism and snarky energy, respectively. Whether you want to send them on another mission, try to set each other up on dates, or just have them bond on the Watchtower over a cup of coffee (well, maybe not coffee for the Flash; that might not end well), I'm there for it.

The Superfriends Justice League

If you've watched the show - and I assume you have, or you wouldn't be here - I probably don't need to give you too much direction on this one. Whether it's everyone working through their differences to come together and save the world, or "Comfort and Joy"-style vignettes about what they get up to solo, as long as it gives me more Justice League, I'm happy.

Vorkosigan Saga

How do I put what I love most about this series and the characters into words? Is it the intrigue - particularly the way that intrigue gets used in the service of good? Is it the society of Barrayar, and the way the protagonists navigate and shape that? Or is it the deep love and respect that everyone seems to have for each other? I don't know, but I do know I'll love whatever you write.


I love how even though it's been decades since she served, Cordelia will always be Aral's "dear Captain." Then again, considering the woman brings back usurpers' heads as presents for him, it's probably not surprising. Whether you want to show them deploying Cordelia's Betanness to strategic effect, or trying and failing to anticipate Miles's next move, I'd enjoy watching them at work.


I love how the man who supposedly knows everything respects and admires Alys's particular sphere of knowledge, and how the ultimate proper Vor ultimately decides the proper match for her is with a man whose only title is one he earned himself. A bit of comparison with Alys's late husband (ideally without bashing Padma) or any other relationships Ivan might have had would be lovely as well. And, of course, a bit of them scandalizing Ivan never goes amiss. ;)

Gregor & Miles, Simon & Aral, Gregor & Cordelia

The fascinating thing about Gregor and Miles or Simon and Aral's relationships is the way they're simultaneously so close, and yet forever separated by their titles (or lack thereof), so any story exploring that dynamic would be fabulous. Cordelia, of course, has no such compunctions, which is why I'd love to see the more unguarded exchanges they get to have - or what happens when she does have to treat him as Emperor.

Aral & Piotr, Miles & Piotr

Poor Piotr. The man simultaneously manages to represent everything noble about the Vor, and why the caste system should die a swift and thorough death. I'd love a look at his complex relationships with his heirs, and the ways in which he tries to show his love and can't, or overcomes a particular mode of thinking in spite of himself. I'd also love to know just how much Aral and/or Miles pick up on those struggles, and what they think.


I love the members of the current generation of Vorryuters who are trying to make up for the sins of their relatives, and the Koudelkas are kickass, so of course combining the two would produce magic. I'd love to hear more about their courtship, and whether it began when the books suggest or earlier. If you'd rather write about their family life, though, or their grand plots for reforming Barrayar, I'm all for that as well.

Young Wizards

I love the way magic works in this universe, and the bonds that form between wizarding partners as they go about their errantry. But I also love the way it skirts typical fantasy conventions by making the adults and non-magical family members like Carmela an integral, valuable part of the story, and letting magic strengthen those bonds as well.


These two were one of my very first ships. Like the general fandom prompt says, I love the way their powers complement each other - but perhaps more importantly, I love the way they approach solving problems together. Shameless fluff would be lovely - particularly future fluff with them as an established couple, married or otherwise - but if you're leaning more toward a tragic showdown with the Lone Power, I can roll with that.


If Kit and Nita are going to wind up as lifelong partners, then they couldn't ask for better role models than Tom and Carl. I love them in their mentor capacity, but if you want to write about their younger days (and/or whether they miss them), feel free. And again, I won't turn down an appearance from the Lone Power if one seems appropriate.

Carmela & Kit, Carmela & Nita

Like the general prompt says, I love that this universe makes room for badass normals, and they don't get much more badass than Carmela in her unhesitating acceptance of her brother and his partner. I'd love to see her helping out on errantry, helping (or hindering) with Kit and Nita's romantic life, or a glimpse into what her involvement with wizardry will mean for her future and relationship with her family and friends.

Chronicles of Chrestomanci

This was probably my very first fandom, and with good reason. Who wouldn't want to be a nine-lived enchanter, even if it meant dealing with a sister like Gwendolyn? But then, of course, I got to see the job wasn't always what it was cracked up to be, and there were other, equally intriguing types of magic out there, and my love only grew. Whether you're sending everyone on an adventure, engineering a tense confrontation, or showing a quiet teaching moment, I'm sure I'll love it.

Christopher & Cat

Chrestomanci makes overseeing magic across a series of worlds look effortless...except that we know it hasn't always been that way by a long shot. It'd be great to see him trying to prepare Cat for some of the trickier or less appealing aspects of the job, or getting flustered by something, or how he handles gradually handing off his responsibilities to Cat. Or perhaps young Christopher could encounter older Cat via some timey-wimey shenanigans.


Like a lot of my other favorite couples, Cat and Marianne make a highly complementary team in terms of their skillsets and ability to come up with a plan under pressure. I'd love to see how that evolves, whether it's only slightly past where we left off in canon or once Cat is Chrestomanci. They're also well-suited in terms of their complicated relationships with certain relatives, which is something I wouldn't mind seeing them explore a bit.

Cat & Gwendolyn

I've always liked Gwendolyn more than I probably should - not because she's likable, but because she's willing to do whatever it takes to be the main character of her story even when she shouldn't. And with ambition like that, you know she's not going to stay sealed away forever, even if she does get to be queen of her particular world. How would a Cat who's grown into his powers handle her re-emergence? Would he stop her without hesitation, or revert to his old self, or try to save her from herself (and would he have any hope at all of succeeding)? Also, if you want to work Janet into this scenario, please do.


Tonino and Angelica are another well-suited pair, although a more conflict-prone one than Cat and Marianne. I'd also like to see how their relationship evolves through the years, and how their connection affects their families. (Or the cats. Cats are always good, whether they're of the feline or Chant variety.)

Steven Universe

It's been awesome watching the details of the Gems' society unfold week by week, seeing how Steven's multifaceted (no pun intended) family came into being and how they continue to evolve, and watching Connie get to become a part of that. Whether you want to write about a silly Beach City outing, a war story (past or future), or a heartbreaking goodbye, I'm here for all of it.

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl...& Steven!

So, yeah, if you watch the show, you probably don't need me to tell you what's so fabulous about Steven's relationships with each of the Gems. It'd be interesting to see some flashbacks to when Steven was younger, and whether the Gems listened to and respected him the way they do now, or whether that came with time. Or if you want to go forward to show how Steven grows into his mother's legacy or forges his own, and how each of the Gems reacts to that, that'd be great. But like I said, if you just want them to hang out and have the Gems offer their unique perspective on whatever human activity Steven's engaging in, that's cool, too.

Also, Peridot. Peridot cameos are awesome.

Connie & / Steven

What's great about Connie and Steven's relationship is that it's clear no matter what might happen between them romantically, they're always going to be there for each other as friends and fellow believers in fighting for what's right. Whether the challenge you throw at them is fighting Homeworld or growing up, I can't wait to see them tackle it - unless, of course, you'd rather give them a bit of downtime for something more Beach City-focused. Giving Connie a chance to interact with the Gems as well would be a nice bonus.

Pearl/Rose Quartz, Rose Quartz/Greg

Pearl and Rose's relationship is so deliciously complicated: as unhealthy as Pearl's obsession is in a lot of ways, I believe her 100% when she says Rose made her feel like everything. I'd like to see more of how that worked, especially if it involves showing exactly how Pearl became our Pearl. As for Rose and Greg, I'd love to see more of how she went from seeing him as a playmate to deciding Steven was a good idea. And if you want to show either or both of them in the aftermath of losing her, I'm down for that. Just let me grab my tissues first.