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Dear Scribbler,

I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet: partly because I've been writing a lot of these letters recently, partly because I'm hoping the prompts provide enough detail on their own, and partly because I don't want to impose too many limits on how you approach characters and fandoms you probably have your own strong thoughts and feelings about.

That said, some themes you might have noticed that I like include taking a look at the characters post-canon, creative worldbuilding and systems of magic, and friends working together (and maybe even becoming more than friends along the way). I also appreciate humor, characters having to make choices that aren't always clear-cut, and stories that at least end with some ray of hope even if they don't end happily.

I think I've addressed all the ships I care about for these fandoms in the prompts, but I will never, ever be disappointed with a gen story. If you do write something on the more mature end of the spectrum, I'd far rather have an awkward first time than sexy perfection, and my kinks don't extend much past light bondage (though I do have a thing for magic users getting creative with their abilities during the proceedings).

Anyway, prompts are provided below for reference. If you need more to go on, please feel free to look at some of my other letters or my AO3 account. Good luck, and have fun; I'm looking forward to reading!

Matilda (Matilda, Michael):

I'm curious what happened to Michael after he and Matilda went their separate ways. Did they manage to stay in touch? Did they ever reunite? On the other hand, I'd be just as happy to hear about what Matilda did once she was able to put her brainpower entirely toward learning as opposed to paranormal activities - that is, assuming she never got the ability back.

Calvin and Hobbes (Calvin, Susie):

I don't want to put too many details into this prompt, because much like Calvinball, I think this is a fandom that thrives on creativity and imagination. Whether you're writing grown-up Calvin and/or Susie (or Calvin/Susie), a lost adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, or just plain exploring, I'm really excited to see what you come up with.

Young Wizards (Nita, Kit, Lone Power):

Kit and Nita are adorable together and I ship them like a...really avid shipper, but if that's not your thing, I am totally down for some gen wizard(s) on errantry adventure/shenanigans. Alternatively, I think the Lone Power is one of the coolest concepts for an antagonist out there, and I'd love to see an untold legend or a Choice play out.

Chronicles of Chrestomanci (Gwendolen, Cat, Marianne, Janet):

Gwendolen is one of the first villains I remember being a lot more fascinated by than I probably should have been, and I find it hard to believe that even being queen would keep her satisfied forever. Which is not to say that I don't love the good guys, too: Cat and Marianne make a great team (platonically or otherwise), and I'd be just as happy to see them and/or Janet at lessons as saving all the worlds and their magic. Also, if you want to treat this as a generic Diana Wynne Jones request and mix in characters or settings from her other work, I would not complain in the slightest.
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