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Hi! Thanks for writing for me. This was a really fun exchange last year, and I'm betting this year will be even better.

I hope the prompts have given you some inspiration already. But if you need more ideas or guidance, my general likes include plot (whether elaborate or introspective), dialogue, humor, worldbuilding, minor characters getting a chance to shine, and situations that aren't always easy or straightforward to navigate. If that feels like too much to cram into 300 words, then pick what speaks to you. I am completely open to Halloween or autumn-themed stories, but if you'd rather not go in that direction, that's equally fine. And please, please do not stress about giving me more than the minimum if that feels like the logical stopping point. Shortfic is awesome. I am very much in favor of there being more of it.

If most of my prompts seem slanted toward gen, it's because that tends to be my default preference, though I've tried to provide a little more guidance on ships in the individual fandom notes. As a general rule, I prefer het and femslash to slash, and awkward sex that helps move the story along in some way to porn without plot. I'm not a fan of noncon (if it's part of a character's canonical backstory, alluding to the fact it happened is fine), bodily fluids not typically associated with sex, or improbable biology like mpreg or tentacles unless it's played for laughs in a mad science-type setting.

My one, absolute do not want is unrelenting darkfic and graphic torture of the kind that systematically breaks a character apart and leaves them broken. People can die, and stories don't have to end happily, but I'd like any suffering the characters go through to have some kind of purpose behind it beyond just watching them suffer.

Okay, enough preamble. On with the fandoms. Please don't take any discrepancy in prompt length or detail as a sign of how much I do or don't want a particular fandom; if it's here, I promise I'll love it. And feel free to look back through other letters for additional ideas, or fandoms that aren't here if you're looking for inspiration for crossovers and cameos. Happy writing, and happy Halloween!

Dumbing of Age (Any)

General Fandom Notes: First of all, if you're curious what this fandom is, you can go here to learn more and read the strips if you are so inclined. Please feel free to include any characters except Ryan who have not been nominated. Particularly Dina. I swear I meant to nominate Dina. (And yes, even Blaine, although I'd prefer that end with him getting what he deserves.) Also, feel free to run with whatever ships interest you except anything that contraindicates Robin/Leslie, because I choose to believe that one is a multiversal constant.

Prompts: Treat: Halloween at Indiana University, especially if it involves a party Joyce can actually feel safe attending. (Willis has costume ideas over at his Tumblr, if you need inspiration.) Or Sarah and Joyce doing the big sister/little sister thing. Or somebody finally decides to encourage Becky to talk to Leslie. Or a happy resolution to the Amber/Ethan/Danny mess (I'm thinking OT3, unless Ethan does find a boyfriend). Or everybody starts going to therapy and/or learning to be happy with who and where they are, and that it's okay to trust other people sometimes. (Although I suppose the therapist's account of his/her day might fall under "Trick.")

Trick: Amber and Amazi-Girl's split personality syndrome gets worse, possibly triggered by something involving Sal. Or something involving everybody's terrible families. Or Dorothy gets rejected from Yale, and freaks out. Or if you're familiar with the Walkyverse, the real "Dexter" and Monkey Master could always drop in. (Bonus points if SEMME does as well, and Joyce freaks out at her counterpart's taste in guys.)

Bad Machinery (Any)

General Fandom Notes: Since I suspect you didn't actually sign up for this one, I suppose the logical thing to do would be to introduce the fandom in the first place. Here is the new readers page, which includes a brief introduction to the cast. The best way I can sum it up is Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys meet Welcome to Night Vale (which is probably a horribly U.S.-centric description of a very British strip), but give it a shot for yourself.

Prompt(s): I don't really know how to split this one up into tricks vs. treats, because I kind of feel like canon combines both perfectly. And in an ideal world, that's exactly what I'd like: a mystery that draws on Tackleford's general weirdness, while also capturing the main characters growing up (or adults like Ryan and Amy who are still trying to figure out this grown-up thing more than they're willing to let on to the kids). But if you just want to focus on more mundane school adventures, or hanging out, or one of the kids just encountering something strange and not wanting to involve the others for whatever reason, that's cool, too: I'd just be happy having more of this universe to read.

Gunnerkrigg Court (Annie, Kat, Smitty, Parley, Paz, Jones, Coyote, Ysengrin, Surma, Donnie, Anja)

General Fandom Notes: I think this is a bit less underappreciated than the other two strips, but as long as I'm providing references, here's a link. I do ship Annie/Kat, but if you're going to go that route, I insist on them getting together in a way that is completely respectful of Paz. And Parley and Smitty are adorable together. As are Donnie and Anja, for that matter.

Prompts: Treat: A lighthearted adventure for any of the students (past or present) would be great, particularly if it fills in backstory or parts of the Court and Forest we haven't gotten to see yet. Or Coyote, Jones, and/or Ysengrin being the weird combination of mentor figures and terrifyingly non-human presences that they are. Or somebody hitting Tony upside the head with a clue-by-four on how to parent. (Well, I'd consider it a treat, anyway.)

Trick: Coyote practically invented the concept, didn't he? And the Court certainly seems to have plenty of secrets and nastiness up their sleeve, which may or may not be connected to whatever's going on with the robots. Our heroes are going to have to be careful and clever about navigating their way through that fight. Alternatively, tell me a story about a psychopomp or medium experience that doesn't go so well, or what besides Annie took Surma away from the Court.

Justice League/Justice League Unlimited (Any)

General Fandom Notes: No convenient collection of episodes for this one that I'm aware of, unfortunately but I think the best summary of why I love this fandom so much can be found in a past NPT letter (along with some additional prompt ideas). My shipping preferences tend to be the canon ones for the show (and yes, that includes Lex and Braniac), and I have no favoritism when it comes to Shayera vs. Mari other than not wanting to see either of them get character-bashed. Also, any request I make for this universe can basically be treated as a general DC Animated Universe request, so feel free to pull in other characters and cameos.

Prompts: Treat: Unexpected team-ups or characters encountering each other in a civilian capacity, nights out on the town, downtime or training on the Watchtower, blue-collar villains meeting up at the local bar or for a hand of poker to commiserate...doesn't really matter what the setup is. If it involves these characters, it's pretty much guaranteed to make me happy.

Trick: Cadmus. Just Cadmus. Although Luthor will do in a pinch, when it comes to double-crosses. Body switches are always fun, too. And if you want to do something Halloween-themed, I imagine things get complicated when you can't tell the pros in costume from the civilians.

Steven Universe (Any)

General Fandom Notes: Sorry, no easy reference links for this one, either: just general squee about the way the show is slowly revealing the Gems' mythology. In terms of shipping, Steven and Connie are adorable, Lapis and Jasper's power struggle fascinates me, and as much as I'm interested in seeing more of how Greg and Rose Quartz went from "playing" to deciding to create Steven together, Pearl and Rose Quartz break my heart every time. You can also check out my femslashex letter for some alternate combinations and prompts, although the caution there about wanting to see relationship dynamics and fusion over sex as humans understand it applies here as well.

Prompts: Treat: The Gems try to understand Halloween, or some other Earth holiday/custom for Steven, Greg, and/or Connie's sake, and maybe even get into the spirit a bit. Or the Gems take the humans on a training exercise. Or a look ahead at grown-up Steven and Connie. Or just something happy for Lapis, and maybe even a tiny bit of compassion and understanding from Peridot or Jasper.

Trick: Peridot and/or Jasper try and fail to understand Earth customs. Or a look inside Malachite's head at the moment, or at the Gems before Rose Quartz decided she wanted to fight on Earth's side. Or the one where Rose's agenda has never been as pro-Earth as everyone thinks.

Dragon Age: Inquisition (Inquisitors, Iron Bull, Krem, Dorian, Vivienne, Cassandra, Leliana, Josephine, Cullen, Harding)

General Fandom Notes: As with earlier installments of the franchise, my Inquisitors tend to be mages or mage-sympathizers. They also tend to be skeptical about the whole Herald of Andraste thing, but very much committed to stopping Corypheus and the end of the world. Again, though, if you've got a particular type you prefer, feel free to roll with that. In terms of ships, I'm not a huge fan of Solavellan unless it's unrequited, but am open to pretty much anything else.

Prompts: Treat: "So, boss, what adventures are we going on today?" It would also be interesting to see the War Council when the Inquisitor is away, or Scout Harding on a solo mission, or more of the Chargers' backstory, or Vivienne and Dorian navigating their respective societies. And I am always up for another round of Wicked Grace (or an explanation of how Cullen wound up starkers in the last one).

Trick: Dealing with the aftermath or unintended consequences of a particularly difficult decision, or having to ferret out spies and treason within the Inquisition. (I have gotten through Trespasser, in case you were wondering.) Or something set in the future where Corypheus won. Or a world in which the Inquisition and the Divine (take your pick) are at odds, for whatever reason, and having to deal with the fallout and complications from that.

Dragon Age II (Hawkes, Carver, Bethany, Isabella, Aveline, Varric, Merrill)

General Fandom Notes: My Hawkes tend to be mages or mage-supporters, and on the blue or purple side of the spectrum. But if you need an angry Templar to pull off a particular "trick" scenario, I can roll with that. Just as long as he or she has some kind of personality. If I haven't requested a particular character, that doesn't mean I'm not open to seeing them in a supporting role, although I will admit that Anders and Fenris are not my favorites. Also, if you are going to go with a warrior or rogue Hawke, it'd be nice if you could find a way to keep Bethany alive. Not mandatory, but nice.

Prompts: Treat: A lesser-known tale of the Champion and his/her companions on an adventure. Bonus points for telling it in Varric's style, or having one or more of the others jump in to correct him. Alternatively, tell me one of Isabela's pirate yarns, or about Aveline doing her bit to make the City Guard better, or about Merrill trying to navigate the world beyond the clan, or Carver or Bethany trying to forge their own legacy.

Trick: Demons and/or red lyrium possession, the burdens of being a Grey Warden, being a pawn in an Old God's scheme to repair the eluvians or fulfill some other purpose...in other words, just your average Tuesday. Kirkwall is the Sunnydale of Thedas, I swear. (And yes, if you wanted to take that as a prompt for a crossover and make things even worse by adding vampires to the mix, I'm not going to discourage you.)

Young Wizards (Nita, Kit, Dairine, Carmela, Carl, Tom)

General Fandom Notes: I really am sorry I've left this one so open-ended compared to some of the others, but any fic in this universe makes me ridiculously happy, and I do want to give you freedom to just explore the magic system and the wild array of places it can take you, or the wonders it can reveal closer to home. I'm not entirely caught up on some of the later books in the series, but I know enough of the major plot points that you don't need to worry about spoilers; you just might need to provide a bit of context. Also, if you want to throw in Feline Wizards cameos, feel free.

Prompts: Treat: Sorry I don't really have specifics to offer, but wizards on errantry (and their supportive siblings) just make me happy in general, as does the magic system and worldbuilding of this series. I will also cheerfully accept any and all Nita/Kit or Tom/Carl shippy fluff (though if there's at least a teeny bit of plot behind it, that would be nice).

Trick: Anything involving the Lone Power kinda falls into this category by default, I think - and I very much encourage Lone Power involvement. Ditto having to make terrible deals with the universe to pull off a spell, and dealing with the fallout from that.

Girl Genius (Any)

General Fandom Notes: Hooray! I can provide a reference link! What I'm not sure I can provide are too many notes beyond what's in the prompts, except that I love all the little worldbuilding details and humor in this series, and would like to see at least some of the latter retained even in some of the darker scenarios if at all possible.

Prompts: Treat: Tell me a Heterodyne story where Agatha and/or her friends save the day and nothing goes wrong. Or at least nothing that can't be solved with more SCIENCE. Or give me Agatha and Zeetha training adventures, or Wooster and Gil before Gil had to blow anyone's cover, or Tarvek and Violetta navigating family politics together. Or skip ahead to the happy ending where Europe is no longer falling apart. If you want to bring romance into the equation, I have a slight preference for Agatha/Gil, but am not opposed to her just re-establishing the Heterodyne harem.

Trick: OH HAI LUCREZIA. (Also Klaus. Dude, what the hell? Did you really not trust your son to handle things without you? No, wait, don't answer that.) Go ahead, show me the terrible future in which her plans pay off. Or the one in which it turns out someone unexpected is playing a long game against Agatha. Or the one where it turns out that upending all of time and space still won't be enough to save Tarvek.

Exchange Mod RPF (Any)

General "Fandom" Notes: ...Uh, yeah, I think this one's pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Also, consider it your "get out of writer's block free" option if you're having trouble coming up with anything else. Like the prompt says, crack is totally encouraged.

Prompt(s): I have no idea how to divide this up into tricks vs. treats, but I am ridiculously charmed by the saga of the Pumpkin King and Morbane (see the Dreamwidth trickortreatex community in particular for details if you missed it). Are they friends, rivals, or some combination of the two? Is the kidnapping entirely what it appears, part of some devious scheme by the Yuletide mods, or the cover Morbane uses in order to help out? And what happens if they have to team up to stop some greater threat? Be as cracktastic as you like. Just no smut or violence that isn't of the cartoon physics variety, please.
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