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Hi! I hope this letter doesn't come across as too overwhelming and/or picky: I love crossovers (whether of the more traditional kind or fusions), I love this fest, and I'm looking forward to seeing whatever you write.

General Likes and Do Not Wants: I'm a big fan of plot (whether adventurous or introspective, although characters coming together to accomplish some kind of task is one of my favorite scenarios), witty dialogue, humor, worldbuilding (including exploring parts of canon that only get briefly referenced in the source material, or taking a cracky concept and finding a way to make it work in-universe), female characters as leads or getting to play a significant role, minor characters getting a chance to shine, and situations and choices that aren't always easy or straightforward to navigate.

My only real do not wants are graphic torture or darkfic of the sort designed to psychologically break down a character and leave them broken. I'm fine with character death or unhappy endings, but I'd like there to be some meaning or hope for the survivors.

Notes on Shipping: I will never be disappointed with a gen story, so please know that's always an option. If you do include sex, I prefer awkward first times to mind blowing orgasms, and I'd rather it be used to advance the plot or as comic relief than the main focus of the fic. My kinks don't typically go much past light bondage, but I do like seeing magic users getting creative with their powers in terms of restraints or interesting sensations, or couples getting to swap bodies. I'm not a fan of noncon (if it's part of a character's canonical backstory, alluding to the fact it happened is fine), bodily fluids not typically associated with sex, or improbable biology like a/b/o or tentacles.

In terms of pairings, canon couples are generally a safe bet; any exceptions are noted in their respective sections along with favorites. If you're looking to pair up minor/background characters or for crossover ship inspiration, I tend to prefer het or femslash to slash, but will happily read the latter. There are a few incest ships listed for a couple of fandoms, but please note that those are the only circumstances under which I'm comfortable with that dynamic, and even then I'd like some kind of acknowledgment that this is not a healthy relationship. I'm also generally not comfortable with relationships involving a teenage character with an adult, and per above, not a fan of noncon.

Other nominated fandoms I like (in case you're tempted to throw in additional references or cameos): Book of Mormon, Chronicles of Narnia, Howl's Moving Castle (preferably the Diana Wynne Jones version), insurance commercials, Labyrinth, Ms. Marvel, NCIS, Oxford Time Travel series, Parks and Recreation, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sandman, Star Trek: TOS, Star Wars, Steven Universe, Tangled

Phew. Okay, on to the actual nominations. Please don't take the relative amount of detail or number of prompts for a particular canon or section as a sign of how much I want something, and remember that optional details are optional; I'm brainstorming as much for myself as for you. If you still need additional inspiration, feel free to check out past years' letters. Above all, have fun!

Buffy, Discworld, Dragon Age, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Young Wizards
Why these fandoms? They're all fantasies where either multiple worlds are canon, or there's enough magic to make travel between them plausible.

Character preferences:
Buffy: Everyone who ever put in an appearance in the credits, plus Joyce, Andrew, and Ethan Rayne.
Discworld: Death, Susan, Rincewind, Ponder Stibbons, Vimes and the Watch in general, Sibyl (and young Sam), Vetinari, Granny, Nanny (and Greebo), Magrat, Polly, Maladicta, Otto Chriek
Dragon Age: Wynne, Morrigan, Leliana, Varric, Aveline, Bethany, Isabela, Merrill, Cassandra, Josephine, Dorian, Bull, Cullen, Scout Harding. For Wardens, Hawkes, and Inquisitors, I tend to play as mages or mage-sympathizers with diplomatic or sarcastic personalities, but I'm open to anything short of a completely amoral characterization.
Harry Potter: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, Percy, Arthur, Dudley, Petunia, McGonagall, other Hogwarts faculty, Aurors and Ministry officials, minor characters in general
His Dark Materials: Lyra, Will, Mary Malone, Serafina Pekkala (and witches in general), Mrs. Coulter, Lee Scoresby, Iorek
Young Wizards: Nita, Kit, Tom, Carl, Carmela, the Lone Power

Shipping Preferences:
Buffy: Any permutation of Buffy, Spike, and Angel; Willow/Tara; Xander/Cordelia; Xander/Anya; Xander/Dawn; Giles/Ethan; Giles/Joyce
Discworld: Vimes/Sibyl; Magrat/Verence; Polly/Maladicta
Dragon Age: I'm not a huge Solavellan fan, but anything else is fair game.
Harry Potter: Ron/Hermione; Neville/Hannah; McGonagall/female contemporaries
His Dark Materials: Will/Lyra; Mary/Serafina
Young Wizards: Kit/Nita; Tom/Carl

Additional canon notes if needed:
Buffy: Feel free to reference events from Angel and/or the comics, although I'm equally fine with ignoring those.
Discworld: I haven't gotten around to reading the Tiffany Aching books, so please provide context if you're going to use those characters.
Harry Potter: I can take or leave any information from Pottermore and/or The Cursed Child.
His Dark Materials: I haven't read The Book of Dust, so if you're going to reference it, you may need to provide context.
Young Wizards: Feel free to reference Feline Wizards as well.

- [Insert character here] is the Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor/Slayer/Being Who Lived/prophesied savior. Or maybe the various Chosen Ones just meet up for a griping session about who has it worst.
- Older mentor figures teaming up to save the day themselves.
- Someone joins the Watch. Or the Watchers. Or the Aurors. Or the Inquisition. Or maybe they just all switch places. (Also, I think Aveline might be Vimes and Sibyl's universe-displaced daughter.)
- L-Space as a means of traversing magical libraries. Alternatively, a multiversal magic user convention or conference of some kind.
- Someone who isn't magic or particularly gifted in one canon turns out to have powers in another. Or how someone's life would be different in a society where magic is more/less accepted.
- Intercision seems like a disturbingly convenient way to create Horcruxes. Or induce Tranquility.
- Will and/or Lyra go searching the multiverse for a way back to each other.
- Kirkwall = Hellmouth. Nothing will dissuade me from believing this is canon.
- Buffy tries to stake someone she shouldn't. Or someone meets up with a vengeance or desire demon who shouldn't.
- What if Ordeals or Harrowing were standard for magic users in other canons?
- Meeting someone again in Timeheart.
- Instant crossover: just add Death, daemons, and/or the Lone Power.

Doctor Who, MCU, Quantum Leap, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, TNG, and Voyager
Why these fandoms? All of time and space make for plenty of good crossover options.

Character preferences:
Doctor Who: Preferably anyone from the 2009 - present era, though I'm also fond of Doctors Three, Four, Seven, the Brig, Sarah Jane, Romana, Ace, and the older versions of the Master
DS9: Sisko, Kira, Bashir, O'Brien, Quark, Odo, Jake, Keiko, Dukat, Garak, Kai Winn, Weyoun, Cardassians and the Dominion in general
MCU: Tony, Steve, Natasha, Bruce, Clint, Thor, Pepper, Loki, Coulson, Nick Fury, JARVIS
Quantum Leap: I think you can figure this one out on your own.
TNG: Picard, Data, Troi, Guinan, Barclay, Ro Laren, Q, Lore, the O'Briens (again)
Voyager: EMH, Seven, B'Elanna, Kes, Tom, Harry, Tuvok...and Janeway, though I'd prefer her as a supporting character if at all possible.

Shipping preferences:
Doctor Who: Doctor/Master (or Missy); Nine/Rose; Rory/Amy; Doctor/River; Clara/Missy; Vastra/Jenny
DS9: O'Brien/Keiko(/Bashir); Garak/Bashir
MCU: Tony/Pepper; Tony/Steve; Tony/Bruce; Thor/Jane; Thor/Sif; Natasha/Loki
Quantum Leap: Probably best to keep this one gen, unless you come up with a crossover pairing that makes sense.
TNG: O'Brien/Keiko (again); Picard/Crusher; Picard/Q; Troi/Riker
Voyager: any combination of Tom, B'Elanna, and/or Harry; Kes/anyone but Neelix; Seven/anyone but Chakotay; Janeway/Chakotay

Additional canon notes if needed:
Doctor Who: As noted above, I'm mostly familiar with the 2009 - present era, though I'll happily read fic involving other time periods; as usual, it just might require a bit more context.
MCU: Given the space theme, you might have noticed an odd lack of Guardians of the Galaxy characters. That's because I...uh, haven't gotten around to seeing it yet. You can still work with it if you've got your heart set on a scenario involving them (I'm sure there's probably something to be mined from Quark and the Collector interacting), but I'll need some context. Also, if you want to import stuff from comics canon, that's fine.
Star Trek: TOS only isn't listed here because I didn't have enough space, and I also enjoyed the 2009 movie (I can take or leave Into Darkness, particularly the bit about being able to cure death, and haven't seen Beyond yet). I'm not as fond of Enterprise (the convenience of Archer possibly being one of Sam's descendants notwithstanding), but feel free to reference it as well.

- Sam and the Doctor meet up, or Sam Leaps into one of the Doctor's companions.
- Sam makes a Leap into the 24th century. Whether that's the main canon, a one-shot alternate future a la "Yesterday's Enterprise" or "Year of Hell," the Mirrorverse, or even the version of the timeline where Vulcan got blown up 100 years earlier is up to you.
- Al takes a vacation on the holodeck.
- Sam Leaps into an Avenger. Bonus points if Tony and/or Bruce figure out who he is and start geeking out.
- Somebody else finds themselves Leaping through history. Tony or Sisko seem like obvious candidates (or Picard if Q's being a dick again), but feel free to use your imagination.
- Asgard and the Q Continuum are having a spat and get the Midgardians involved. And I'm pretty sure Section 31 has some kind of connection to SHIELD and/or Hydra; I just don't know what.
- Superheroes on a starship. Or as companions. I'm sure SHIELD and UNIT have collaborated at some point.
- The Borg vs. Daleks or Cybermen, or the Founders vs. Zygons, or some other interstellar showdown. Or maybe Q is a renegade Time Lord, or the El Aurians and Time Lords are related somehow. Or some member of Starfleet just plain decides they'd rather explore all of time and space than the final frontier.
- Ro Laren was reportedly considered at various points to fill the roles that eventually went to Kira and B'Elanna. How would events have been different if she'd wound up a major part of those series?
- Of course you can set something in the general 24th century Trek main timeline, like Barclay helping out the Voyager crew again, or a closer look at the Enterprise during the Dominion War. Just as long as there's some kind of interaction between and/or acknowledgment of multiple series.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Galavant, Hamilton
Why these fandoms? I'd tell you, but it would probably go over better in an elaborately staged and witty musical number.

Character preferences: Everyone. Seriously. I can't think of anyone in any of these fandoms I wouldn't be happy to get a story about.

Shipping preferences:
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Has it been brought up in canon, even jokingly? Then yeah, I'll read it.
Galavant: Galavant/Isabella; Richard/Roberta; Galavant/Richard; some combination of Richard, Madalena, and/or Gareth
Hamilton: Anything as long as it's not incest (and I'm open to some kind of V arrangement involving Angelica, Alexander, and Eliza).

Additional canon notes if needed: I think these are all pretty straightforward.

- Rebecca faces off against Hamilton and/or Burr in court.
- The Schuyler sisters get work as dream ghosts.
- "I'm the Villain in My Own Story" as a Galavant plotline.
- The American Revolution would've been a lot different with an undead army. Or a dragon. Or both.
- There are a lot of people in Hamilton and/or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend who probably shouldn't do the D'Dew. Pick one.
- Weirdest Renn Faire and/or re-enactment ever.

Avatar: the Last Airbender, Deep Space Nine, Ender Series, Game of Thrones, Hamilton
Why these fandoms? War. War never changes. Or at least not enough to prevent crossovers.

Character preferences:
Avatar: the Last Airbender: The Gaang, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Suki, Iroh...as long as I don't have to go looking for an episode guide to remember who they are, you're probably good.
DS9: Sisko, Kira, Bashir, O'Brien, Quark, Odo, Jake, Keiko, Dukat, Garak, Kai Winn, Weyoun, Cardassians and the Dominion in general
Ender: Ender, Bean, Petra, Alai, Peter, Valentine, Sister Carlotta, Achilles, Virlomi (per the canon notes, if you don't know who those last three are, don't worry)
Game of Thrones: All the Lannisters, Arya, Sansa, Brienne, Podrick, Dany, Varys, Yara (who you can totally feel free to re-rename Asha), Margaery, Olenna, Ned, Lyanna, Rhaegar
Hamilton: Again, everyone.

Shipping preferences:
Avatar: Aang/Katara; any combination of Zuko, Azula, Mai, and/or Ty Lee; Sokka/Suki
DS9: per above, O'Brien/Keiko(/Bashir); Garak/Bashir
Ender: Ender/Alai; any combination of Ender, Petra, and/or Valentine; any combination of Peter, Petra, and/or Valentine; any combination of Petra, Alai, and/or Virlomi
Game of Thrones: Jaime/Brienne; Jaime/Cersei; Ned/Catelyn; Arya/Gendry; Danaerys/Yara; Sansa/Margaery; Sansa/being her own damn hero
Hamilton: per above, anything as long as it's not incest (and I'm open to some kind of V arrangement involving Angelica, Alexander, and Eliza).

Additional canon notes if needed:
Avatar: Feel free to reference events from Korra's time period.
Ender: My personal headcanon is mostly comprised of Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, and Shadow of the Hegemon, but feel free to draw from the other books as much or as little as you like. Just...try to leave the "reproduction is the reason we exist" philosophy out of things if at all possible.
Game of Thrones: If you want to borrow things from the books, feel free.

- Battle School AUs. All the Battle School AUs. Or take a group from one canon and make them soldiers, squires, benders, insurrectionists (you get the idea) in someone else's conflict.
- Similarly, [insert character here] is the Avatar, the Emissary, and/or the Prince Who Was Promised.
- A strategist from one canon is thrown into another and changes the course of battle - with or without access to abilities/tech the other canon doesn't have.
- Brienne, Petra, Arya, and/or Kira probably have a lot to talk about. So do the Wiggins and the Lannisters, or Cersei and Azula. Or the Schuyler sisters and pretty much any other major female characters. And I admit, I mostly threw DS9 in here just because someone should put Garak and Hercules Mulligan in a room together.
- Many centuries after the canon's conflict, someone writes a theatrical production (re)assessing a famous historical figure. Or the Ember Island Players or the Braavos troupe perform something new. Or Ender writes another Speaker for the Dead book on someone else unexpected. Or the holodeck adaptation turns out to be a little...off. In other words, "who tells your story" - and how?

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