Oct. 12th, 2014

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi!  I may have gotten a tiny bit carried away with the length on this, so let's jump straight in, shall we?

In terms of my general preferences, I like prequels, sequels, and fleshing out anecdotes from canon into fully-fledged stories, or turning quick glimpses of places we don't get to visit into a backdrop for adventure, intrigue, or exploration.  I appreciate humor of both the light and dark variety, particularly when it comes in the form of snarky dialogue.  I enjoy heroes who are forced to make difficult decisions, villains who are utterly convinced their cause is just, and outsiders who aren't afraid to interject a little blue and orange morality.  Above all, I like plot: it can be of the introspective rather than the action-packed variety, but something should change for the characters by the time the story ends.

I'm also fond of crossovers and really interested in connections between a creator's different works, whether they're made explicit or just seem like they'd fit together.  You'll find that several of these prompts contain ideas along those lines, but please don't feel obligated to force those elements into the story or make them a major part of the plot rather than quick allusions if they don't inspire you.  I think (and hope) the fandoms I've picked offer enough to work with on their own.

I will never, ever be disappointed with a gen story, but there are a smattering of shippy ideas in the suggestions below.  Similarly, I won't mind if you decide not to include any sex scenes - but if you do, I'd like them to serve as a means of advancing the plot, or adding layers of characterization, or providing a bit of comic relief, rather than taking up the entire focus of the story.  I prefer to keep canon relationships intact, and unless otherwise noted, am more interested in het or femslash than slash or threesomes/moresomes if you're looking to partner up unattached characters of unspecified sexuality or introduce OC love interests.  My kinks don't extend much past bondage of the sort involving blindfolds and scarves as restraints (unless these are characters who have canonically been known to switch gender just for the fun of it, and even then I'd like them to retain humanoid form), and I ask that all relationships depicted involve enthusiastically consenting adults who are not related to each other.

Apart from the above caveats, my biggest "do not want" in any kind of fic is graphic, drawn-out torture, or anything that results in characters being left as shells of their former selves.  I'm fine with end of the world scenarios, or character death, or less-than-happy endings, but I'd like everyone to go down fighting or for the survivors to soldier on with some hope that things will be better eventually.

I think that covers everything...except fandom details, of course, which are provided below.  If you still have questions or need additional inspiration, feel free to take a look at the many, many other letters lying around this journal, some of which contain repeats for some of these fandoms.  Good luck, and have fun!

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell )

Foreigner Series - C.J. Cherryh )

The Long Earth Series - Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter )

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