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Hi! Thanks for writing for me (and these prompts are geared toward writers, though if you're treating and see something that you'd like to portray in a different medium, go for it). I'm really excited about the theme for this exchange, and I hope you are, too.

As a general rule for this fest, I'm not looking for fluff in my familial interactions. That's not to say I want angstfests or total dysfunction, either, although certain families and scenarios are definitely further down that end of the spectrum (*cough*Lannisters*cough*). Rather, I reject Tolstoy's axiom that the world consists only of boring happy families and unhappy ones: even the best relationship has its own complexities and challenges and disagreements, and I'd like to see those explored whether they're resolved by the end of the story or not. Or if you're looking for a more positive spin, give the characters a task that will require bringing their individual strengths together to complete.

Other qualities I appreciate in stories include plot (whether adventurous or introspective), witty dialogue, humor, examining parts of canon that only get briefly referenced in the source material, and situations and choices that aren't always easy or straightforward to navigate. I'm also a fan of "what-ifs" - you'll find several suggestions in the prompts below - and crossovers and fusions, though only if you're feeling inspired.

In terms of shipping, I feel I should stress that I'm only comfortable with incest for pairings where I've specifically requested it, and even there I'd like acknowledgment that these are not healthy relationships. Any other pairing preferences are addressed under canon notes - though of course, you can always stick to gen. If you do write sex, I'd rather it be used to advance or support the plot in some way than as the entirety of the story. I'm also not a fan of noncon (if it's part of a character's history, alluding to the fact it happened is fine), bodily fluids not typically associated with sex, or improbable biology like a/b/o or tentacles.

My only real do not want is graphic torture or darkfic of the kind designed to systematically break a character and leave them broken. Unhappy endings and characters behaving badly or getting hurt or even dying are fine if the situation calls for it, but I'd like to leave at least some room for hope at the end, or at least the sense that it wasn't all in vain.

All right! On to prompts, which are listed in alphabetical order, and include any canon-specific notes where appropriate. Please don't take the relative length of my ramblings as evidence of how much I want something; if I have less to say about a canon, that's because I'm just genuinely eager to read anything from it and/or lack the ability to put my own thoughts about it into words (which is why I need you). Have fun, and I'm looking forward to reading!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy, Joyce, and/or Dawn
I'd really like something that explores Dawn's not-quite-real status, while still affirming her place in Buffy and/or Joyce's lives. Of course, if you want to check in on Buffy and Dawn post-canon, or Joyce and Buffy: the early years, that works, too.

Buffy, Joyce, and/or Dawn...and Spike
Spike's friendship with Joyce and Dawn was kind of the cutest thing ever, and I just want more of it. Of course, you don't have to follow canon: what if Spike had shaken off the chip, and decided he wanted to keep them around permanently? Or maybe Buffy realized Joyce's days were numbered in time, and asked Spike to turn her?

Canon-Specific Notes: I don't think the comics are applicable here, but I'm familiar enough with them that you can reference them if you want. (Also, I think I'm one of the few people who was happy they got Dawn and Xander together.) When it comes to Buffy ships, I'm neutral.

Chronicles of Chrestomanci
Cat and Gwendolen, (and) Cat and Janet
I love Gwendolen and her ambition more than I probably should. And while you could tell a missing story from before she and Cat came to the castle, I refuse to believe she's gone forever. How would an older Cat who's grown into his powers handle that? How would Janet, for that matter? And speaking of Janet, does she ever miss her own world, or resent Cat for the things he can do that she can't? Or are they an unbreakable team?

Canon-Specific Notes: I do like Marianne and the Montanas and Angelica, so feel free to include them.

Chronicles of Narnia
Susan and her siblings
Yep, this is effectively a request for something that addresses the Problem of Susan. Although you could focus on their interactions while they were still in Narnia, and see if there were any warning signs there. Or maybe we've got it all wrong: maybe she'd rethought the make-believe claims and was about to tell everyone when they died...or maybe there were good reasons for wanting to keep her out of Narnia at the end. Of course, if you just want to focus on sibling dynamics, in Narnia or out of it, that's fine, too.

Dragon Age
Hawke, Bethany, and/or Carver
There are so many different possible destinies and dynamics here, I don't want to impose too many limitations. That said, it might be nice to get a glimpse of the Hawkes' childhood, or an adventure together we didn't see, or a post-canon meeting. Also, feel free to explore scenarios where everyone survives Lothering, or where Hawke doesn't make it and one or both of the twins become(s) Champion(s) of Kirkwall.

Flemeth and Morrigan, Morrigan and Kieran
It's remarkable what a good mother Morrigan seems to be, especially given her only real frame of reference. How did that happen? Did she just do the opposite of everything she was raised with? Did she have a mentor, or the Warden's help? Or was growing up with Flemeth really not such a terrible fate after all?

Canon-Specific Notes: I tend to play my Wardens, Hawkes, and Inquisitors as diplomatic or sarcastic mages and/or mage-sympathizers, but whatever works for the story is fine as long as they're not completely amoral nightmares. In terms of supporting characters or shipping, I'm not the world's biggest Anders, Fenris, or Solas fan (although I suppose it might make sense for Solas to make an appearance in Morrigan's life at some point not shown in canon), but am otherwise flexible.

Ender's Game series
Peter, Valentine, and/or(/) Ender Wiggin
There's a lot of potential for messed-up and misplaced emotions between these little geniuses, particularly during Peter and Valentine's Locke and Demosthenes phase, or Ender and Valentine only having each other over the centuries. (I'm particularly interested in Valentine's side of things, since she's so self-sacrificing in canon; is there anything that brings out an inner ruthlessness?) But I'm also interested in Peter and Ender's conversations while Ender was writing Peter's biography (and whether he and Valentine talked at all), or Ender and Valentine learning to function as independent adults over the course of their long journey. Or feel free to explore scenarios where different siblings went to Battle School, or off to colonize space, or stayed on Earth, and how that changed things.

Bean and Nikolai
Bean getting to live with his biological family is presented as an unequivocal happy ending to Ender's Shadow, but the reality can't have been quite that simple. Did Nikolai ever resent suddenly having a genius brother, especially when various world forces targeting Bean made a normal home life an impossibility? Similarly, how did Bean feel about the constant reminder of the years of normal family life he missed out on? Or maybe they were more of a support for each other through all the craziness than the later books in the series seem to indicate. I hope so, anyway.

Canon-Specific Notes: My personal headcanon consists primarily of Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, and Shadow of the Hegemon (mostly on account of the "babies ever after" authorial agenda/"the hell did I just read?" of the other sequels), but feel free to pick and choose as needed.

Game of Thrones
Baratheon Brothers
It's still bizarre to think these three could possibly be related, so I'm really curious about the dynamics that shaped them into becoming who they were. Would things have been different if Robert had never been king, or if Stannis or Renly had? Is there any scenario under which they had or could ever have found true peace or affection for each other?

Cersei/Jaime, Jaime and Tyrion
I increasingly suspect that this is all probably going to end with Jaime killing Cersei for the greater good, and I don't hold out much hope of him surviving that encounter. You can either game that out (including how much Tyrion may or may not be involved), or go all the way back to the start when they were children and look at when and how things went wrong, or whether there was ever any other way they could've gone.

Loras and Margaery, Margaery and Olenna
As much as I love the way the show expanded Margaery's character, I still don't think she ever got her full due as her grandmother's heir. What other lessons did she learn from Olenna? And did Loras manage to absorb any of them himself, or was he primarily support?

Eddard, Jon, and Robb
Eddard was a huge influence on both his older sons (well, son and nephew). How did he teach those lessons? How did each of the boys absorb them? Did he ever think that either of them might need to learn how to rule someday, or was he trying to guard against the possibility?

Arya and Sansa, Arya and Jon
I was really surprised by GRRM's early notes that would've turned Arya and Jon into possible love interests, since they seemed to wind up with one of the strongest sibling bonds in canon: not only do they look alike, they don't quite fit in. I'd like to see how that bond developed, and whether it'll still be there should they meet up again after everything. Conversely, Arya and Sansa drove each other crazy as kids for obvious reasons...but maybe now, they'll find they have more in common, or be happy enough to see each other that it won't matter.

Canon-Specific Notes: If you want to draw from the books or supporting material, feel free. Please don't pair Jon or Sansa with anyone, though; I prefer them as siblings to each other, and I just don't like any of the other available options as romantic possibilities.

Little Women
The March Sisters
I honestly don't have a whole lot of guidance on this one, though I always particularly loved the bits of canon where the girls were planning their latest theatrical production or sharing their castles in the air. Though I also enjoyed Jo and Meg's griping over work, or Amy and Meg indulging their girliest impulses together, or Beth employing her own particular brand of magic to calm Jo down...and I've always been curious whether Jo and Amy patched things up enough after the book incident to confer or even collaborate as fellow creatives.

Laurie and Grandfather Laurence
It's easy to lose sight of this one amid all the other great relationships, but I always loved Mr. Laurence's gruff but deep affection for Laurie (and his love for Laurie's other lost relatives that occasionally peeks through as well), and Laurie's attempts at rebellion that never fully succeeded because deep down he recognized it, too. Their correspondence with each other while Laurie was in Europe might be interesting, though so might a story from before Laurie met the girls, or just a quiet moment between the two.

Canon-Specific Notes: Younger me was an adamant Jo/Laurie shipper, though I've since mellowed on the subject. If you want to modernize or otherwise use alternative settings for this canon - especially ones that can find a way to keep Beth alive - go for it.

The Schulyer Sisters
For Angelica and Eliza specifically, I'd really like something that explores their relationship after Alexander's death. Do they ever talk about Angelica's feelings, or is it one of those things that was buried along with him? Or you could explore how they navigated it in life, or leave Alexander out of it entirely and show them changing the world in their own way.

For prompts that involve Peggy, I'd like to see more of her. Even if she only gets time to be the tag-along sister while she's onstage, it's clear everyone considered her an equal part of the trio, and her death left a hole in their lives. Plus, she was apparently pretty badass in real life, so feel free to work some of that in.

Alexander and Peggy
Peggy's relationship with her sisters isn't the only one that doesn't get enough time in the show; the lyrics indicate she and Alexander were close as well (albeit not in the same way as Angelica or Eliza). What did she confide in him about? Did he ever do the same with her? And how did he respond when she died?

Alexander and(/) Angelica
Obvious question first: was the relationship ever consummated? How much did Eliza know? Did the Reynolds Pamphlet change things at all? Or per the suggestions above, you could focus on Angelica after Alexander's death and how she handles it. Epistolary format might be fun for this one, if you're into that.

Alexander and/or Eliza and Philip
Philip was clearly very close to both of his parents. What did each of those relationships look like, and how did they influence him in unexpected ways? If you want to write a scenario where Philip lives, go for it, though I'd like it to delve a little deeper than just serving as fix-it fic (for example, how would Alexander's death have affected him?). Also, feel free to include the historical siblings as characters as well.

Canon-Specific Notes: If you want to use an AU setting for this canon, I'd prefer one that either updates the politics to modern day or changes genre entirely (sci-fi, superheroes, etc.).

Harry Potter
Andromeda and family
Poor Andromeda. Rejected by her family of origin (at least publicly; I'm curious whether she and Narcissa retained any contact prior to the end of the war), loses the husband she gave up everything for and their daughter (who she clearly loved, though the exact dynamics of their relationship are a bit of a mystery), and left to raise another young Metamorphmagus at a time when she was probably looking forward to relaxing. There's a wealth of stories in any of those time periods, both happy and sad. I didn't specifically request that Bella be involved because I didn't want to risk the story becoming a showcase for her sadism, but if you want her to be a presence minus the graphic torture, that's fine.

Hermione and her parents
For the member of the Trio with the most outwardly normal family unit, Hermione sure keeps a lot of secrets from them. Exactly when and why did that start, and how did it impact her relationship with them? How much did they suspect, and how did that impact their relationship with her? How did they really feel about her magic? And what happened after Australia? (Was there an after Australia?) Were they angry? Did they forgive her?

Alternatively, give me the scenario where Hermione decided to confide in them, and they joined the resistance; I feel like Muggles could've been useful there if they'd been given a chance.

The Malfoys
I admit, I wasn't a huge fan of the Malfoys until Narcissa's role in the series was expanded, and we got to see just how much they all care about each other. Part of me almost wants a scenario where one of them winds up in Hufflepuff for that loyalty just to see if/how that changes things, but if you just want to write about how they try to protect each other in the face of difficult choices, or what happens to them after the war, that works.

Blaise and Mrs. Zabini
Mrs. Zabini and her seven husbands are one of the more fascinating throwaway lines of the series, and I'm curious how that affects Blaise. Is the situation more innocent than it seems, or is he being trained to take up the "family business"? Did he like any of his stepfathers (or his actual dad), and how does that affect things with Mum?

Ron and Ginny(/Harry)
It must get kinda weird for Ron and Ginny being married to each other's best friends sometimes. How do they deal with that? Or go back further and tell me about their relationship as kids: were they close? Did Ginny feel left behind at all when Ron met Harry and Hermione? And is Ron ever able to come to terms with her not being a little kid any more?

Harry and Dudley
I don't really like the idea that Harry and Dudley never interacted post-series, or that it was just total quiet awkwardness when they did. I'm not saying that they'd ever become friends, but I'd like to see what they look like as family once they're free to decide for themselves how that should work. Bonus points if Dudley actually does somehow become involved in the wizarding world. Although if you'd rather write about some incident from their childhood where Dudley wasn't a complete monster to Harry for whatever reason, that works, too.

Fred and George
The way I see it, there are two dramatically different directions to go on this: either the twins doing their usual unstoppable teamwork (whether at school, work, or for the Order), or George dealing with life and loss after the war. Or if you want to take a look at the differences between them and times when they didn't agree, that would be interesting as well. As much as I love him, I'd rather Fred stay dead for this one...though if you want to have George try to contact him or have them meet up in the afterlife, that's fine.

Canon-Specific Notes: If you're writing about Death Eaters or pureblood sympathizers, please note that I'm not interested in attempts to sugarcoat or justify their actions (e.g. "but wizards really are superior to Muggles!"). I do tend to prefer canon pairings and sticking to canon events in general unless otherwise noted, though you can ignore anything that isn't in the main books (e.g. Cursed Child or Pottermore). And please, no bashing Weasleys who aren't requested here; Percy is actually one of my favorite characters...although I understand that his siblings may not always feel similarly.

Steven Universe
Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl...and Steven
Um...yeah, I don't really know what to suggest for these other than more of what the show does. Although if you want to zero in on Steven's earlier childhood while the Gems are still learning to see him as an individual and interact with humans in general, or project ahead into the future, that works, too.

Steven and his parents
Again, I don't know how much guidance to give here that isn't provided by canon. Although if you can come up with a scenario where Steven gets to meet Rose for real, or a closer look at Greg figuring out how to be a dad or navigating the swerves of Steven's adolescence and adulthood, or just the two of them imagining what kind of person Steven is going to be before he's born, that works.

The Diamonds
There are still a lot of questions to be answered about how the Diamonds divvy up responsibilities and set goals, and how much of that is determined by their personalities and relationships with each other. Similarly, there's a lot to be explored regarding the immediate aftermath of Pink's death and its effect on everyone (particularly Blue), not to mention what the deal even is with White. If you do want to portray these relationships as more romantic than sisterly, feel free, though I'd prefer to stick to fusion or other Gem-specific expressions of affection than sex.

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